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Unter dem Titel Voices From the Beginning – Books Born From Songs erforscht Kurator  Kalaf Epalanga (Também os brancos sabem dançar – eine autobiografisch inspirierte, fiktionalisierte Biografie des Kuduro) vielschichtige Verflechtungen von Musik und Literatur. Gespräche mit den Gästen über ihre Werke und deren musikalische Inspirationen werden musikalisch begleitet. Darüber hinaus performen die Schauspieler*innen Martha Fessehatzion und Moses Leo Textpassagen als szenische Lesung. So weit die Prämisse beider Events. Während in Leipzig der Austausch mit Schriftsteller*innen aus anglophonen afrikanischen und afro-diasporischen Räumen im Zentrum steht, verspricht die Münchener Veranstaltung, das Augenmerk auf das lusophone Afrika, insbesondere auf die angolanisch-brasilianischen Verbindungen zu lenken.

Titled Voices From the Beginning – Books Born From Songs the curator Kalaf Epalanga (Também os brancos sabem dançar – an autobiographically inspired fictionalised biography of Kuduro) explores the manifold entanglements of music and literature. The conversations with the guests about their works are accompanied by their musical inspirations. In addition the actors Martha Fessehatzion and Moses Leo will perform staged readings of passages of the texts in question. While this is the premise of both events, the first session from Leipzig will focus on writers from the anglophone African and afro-diasporic realms. The Munich event on the other hand will illuminate the audience on the lusophone contexts, especially the Angolan-Brazilian connection.

Leipzig (28. Jan)

 8:00 p.m. (GMT +1)


Chimeka Garricks [Nigeria]
Author of A Broken People’s Playlist, a collection of short stories based on music

Fiston Mwanza Mujila [DRC | Austria]
His novel Tram 83 uses the rhythms of jazz to weave a tale of human relationships in a world that has become a global village

Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ [Kenya | USA]
on his forthcoming novel about four Ethiopian musicians Unbury Our Dead With Song

Natasha Omokhodion-Kalulu Banda [Zambia | Nigeria | Jamaica | UK]
Author of No Be From Hia Zambia-based creative entrpreneur

Rémy Ngamije [Rwanda | Namibia]
author of the novel The Eternal Audience of One (forthcoming) and editor of the literary magazine DOEK!


Zukiswa Wanner [Zambia | South Africa | Kenya]
Author of London Cape Town Joburg, publisher, editor and organiser of the online festival AfrolitSansFronitères

München (29. Jan)

8:00 p.m. (GMT +1)


José Eduardo Agualusa [Angola | Mozambique]
acclaimed Angolan writer / journalist, host of the RTP Africa programme A Hora das Cigarras on African music and Poetry

Ondjaki [Angola | Brazil]
filmmaker and witer of novels, short stories and childrens literature and music enthusiast

Telma Tvon [Angola | Portugal]
HipHop artist and author of the novel Um preto muito português

Yara Monteiro [Angola | Portugal | Brazil]
writer and visual artist


Toty Sa’Med [Angola]
singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, one of the leading artists of the New Angolan Music scene. His influences range from Psychedelic Rock to Jazz, from Soul to Semba—the prototypical genre at the heart of modern Angolan music.


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