Kevin Mwachiro

Kevin Mwachiro

Kevin Mwachiro is a Kenya-based writer, podcaster, journalist, and queer activist. His professional media and communications career spans over 22 years. Kevin describes himself as a custodian of people’s stories, which is evident in his array of work. Kevin’s first book, Invisible – Stories from Kenya’s Queer Community, was the first book of its kind in Kenya. He was the editorial lead for the recently launched We’ve Been Here, which documents the stories of LGBTQI Kenyans 50 years and older. Kevin was also part of the editorial team for Boldly Queer – African Perspectives on Same-sex Sexuality and Gender Diversity and the anthology Rainbow Childhoods. Kevin’s short story Number Sita was published in the anthology Nairobi Noir, and his play, Thrashed, is part of the Goethe Institut’s Kenya’s “Six and the City” collection. Kevin also writes articles and opinion pieces for several media platforms and is published in various cultural journals. In 2017, he launched a story-telling podcast called Nipe Story, which produces audio versions of short-story fictional stories from the African continent. Nipe Story has received recognition as one of Kenya’s notable podcasts. Kevin co-founded the Out Film Festival, the first LGBTQI film festival in East Africa. He currently serves on the board of Amnesty International – Kenya.


Invisible – Stories from Kenya’s Queer Community 


Nipe Story