Véronique Tadjo

Véronique Tadjo

Véronique Tadjo is an author, artist and Honorary Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa where she lived and taught for several years. An award winning writer, she was born in Paris and grew up in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. She holds a doctorate in Black American literature and civilization from the Sorbonne Paris IV. Her novels have been translated into several languages including German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese. Some of her titles in English are: As the Crow flies, (2001), The Shadow of Imana: travels to the heart of Rwanda (2002), Queen Pokou (2005), Far from my Father (2014), Amour: Fields of Battle, Fields of Love, published by The Massachusetts Review, e-book series (2019). In the Company of Men (2021) was awarded the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for fiction in April 2022. She shares her time between London, Paris and Abidjan.


Le Royaume aveugle (Éditions Harmattan, 1991) |  The Blind Kingdom (Ayebia Clarke Publishing, 2008)

Champs de bataille et d’amour (Éditions Présence Africaine, 1999) | Hinter uns der Regen (Peter Hammer Verlag, 2002)

L’ombre d’Imana (Actes Sud, 2000) | The Shadow of Imana: Travels in the Heart of Rwanda (Heinemann AWS, 2002) | Der Schatten Gottes (Peter Hammer Verlag, 2001)

Reine Pokou (Actes Sud, 2005) | Queen Pokou (Ayebia Clarke Publishing, 2009)

Loin de mon père (Actes Sud, 2010) |Far from My Father (University of Virginia Press/CARAF, 2014)

In the Company of Men (Other Press, 2021)