Celina Bostic

Celina Bostic

Celina Bostic has long made a name for herself in the German music scene. The Berlin singer/songwriter used to be part of Farin Urlaub Racing Team, and a background vocalist for Max Herre, Udo Lindenberg and Herbert Grönemeyer. She has been featured on albums by Peter Fox, K.I.Z. as well as Sarah Connor and arranged instrumentals for Nena and Samy Deluxe. Today she also takes centre stage – mostly as a one woman band armed with her guitar and loop station. Her song “Nie wieder leise” has become the anthem of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in Germany and is her music’s creed at the same time. Celina wants to empower, facilitate conversations about taboo topics and encourage people to stand up for themselves, no matter what the norm dictates.


Zu Fuss (Album, 2014)

Nie wieder leise (Single, 2020)

A. B. B. (Single, 2022)