Max Lobe

Max Lobe

Born in 1986 in Douala, Max LOBE is a Swiss-Cameroonian novelist, short story writer, and poet. Among the topics which transcend his work, Black African homosexuality, migration and post-colonial studies are recurrent. He is openly gay. At eighteen, he moved to Switzerland where he earned a BA in communication and journalism (Lugano) and a master’s in public policy and administration (Lausanne). In 2017, his novel Confidences on the war of independence of Cameroon won the Ahmadou Kourouma Prize. Other books by the author include 39 rue de Berne, La Trinité bantoue, and La Promesse de Sa Phall’Excellence (Jan 2021), a burlesque, fantastic and erotic novel on tyranny. Inspired by both the traditions of Black African literature and folk tales and by the realities of the immigrant experience in Switzerland, Max Lobe’s work stands out for its vibrant, accessible depictions of his characters’ lives. Tackling serious and important issues such as homophobia, religion, violence and the plight of undocumented migrants, Lobe’s narrators are sparky and unpretentious, full of life and humor. His books are light and readable, and at the same time deeply serious and important. They have a wide and enduring appeal. ​He also created and ruled the project GenevAfrica to build bridges between African and Swiss authors. Max Lobe lives in Geneva and dedicates his life to literature.


39 Rue de Berne (Switzerland, 2013)

La Trinité Bantoue (Switzerland, 2014) | Drei Weise aus dem Bantuland (Germany, 2020)

Confidences (Switzerland, 2016)

Loin de Douala (Switzerland, 2018) | A Long Way From Douala (USA, 2021)

La Promesse de Sa Phall’Excellence (Switzerland, 2021)